What Are Your Plans After Graduation?

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Whitney Belvin - After graduation I hope to find a steady job to increase my funds so I can take a few classes before going on to get my Masters and maybe work with children

Heather Blackwood - After graduation I plan to go to graduate school at Longwood University to obtain my masters in counseling. To get my license, I will take seven or so extra courses at Lynchburg. My goal is to become an LCSW/LPC and counsel children.

Sara Evans - I would like to get my Masters. ODU has a Masters program in Mental Health Counseling which is exactly what I want to do.

Danyelle Foster - I will probably work for one year, then apply to a graduate program to get my masters in clinical counseling.

Alayna Hoopes - I will probably work for a semester or a year, then apply to grad school to get my masters degree.

Matthew Long - join the USAF… go to OTS and become a pilot or something, then get the AF to pay for grad school

Emily Lynn -

Jonathan Mercer - After graduating, I plan on going on to grad school and getting at least a masters degree

Tiffany Miller -

Alea Newman - Moving back to AZ to start work at Scottsdale Health Care Shea Hospital and then Nursing School at ASU.

Geoffrey Osborne - I'll keep on booking shows and playing music for as long as I can! I'll still get the GRE out of the way this semester and browse some masters programs, just to cover all the bases.

Molly Rafferty - Hopefully going to grad school to get my M.Ed in School Counseling

Rebecca Reeve - I plan to work at a counseling center for a couple of years, then returning to school to obtain a masters degree.

Lee Ann Spurzem - I plan on looking for a job/internship to do for about a year and then applying to graduate school. I am interested the most in Clinical Psychology.

Chelsea Stalnaker -

Todd Stonnell - I plan to do a little more research on the grad school that I want to attend. I am taking a year to get some experience and make some money before continuing my studies to become an Art Therapist. I would also like to move out of VA and explore different places around the country.

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